Safari Planning

The First Steps

The first question is always how many days can you invest in the safari. From our experience the fewest days for a reasonable trip would be nine, basically one week, plus a weekend away from home. If time is not a major factor, we can keep you thoroughly entertained for three weeks or even longer. In our experience the average safari lasts thirteen days.

The second question is how much are you going to budget for the trip, and what level of accommodation will you expect. Keep in mind that while they may be available, we do not use any accommodation below a "Three Star" rating. Right now the region offers the best travel value, and "bang for the buck" of any destination we frequent.

The third question is what are your interest "Hot Buttons." Is game viewing going to be the focus, or will cultural experiences be equally important? You can do it all, but it is helpful if there is a particular interest we can gear toward.

Next Step